Airwick i-Motion Electric fresheners 99p


The 99p store currently have the Airwick air fresheners for sale. The price should come as no surprise at 99p.

This offer is only in store and not online.

Product Description:

A clever, convenient spray that keeps your home smelling heavenly and your mood uplifted

The clever motion technology in our Air Wick Freshmatic imotion means it releases sublime scents continuously – and then gives an extra burst of fragrance when movement is detected.

You simply insert the aerosol refill, select your time setting and the battery-operated device will begin releasing bursts of fresh fragrance.

Not only will you be able to relax knowing your home will smell beautiful for you and your loved ones, but you can rely on the imotion to not over-fill the air with fragrance. It's especially designed to prevent excessive bursts of fragrance in a short space of time.

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